In 2010, I went to the Serengeti to open a tented safari camp. With two previous hikes up Mt Kilimanjaro, a trip to Greece for a month, and a week in Egypt, I had a number of stories and photographs. When I settled back in New Hampshire, I started taking more pictures and writing about hiking. I wanted a place to share my stories and pictures from these experiences. The blog was a natural outlet. Over time what started as a travel blog has now become a place to share not only my external adventures, but my internal awakening of my life’s purpose.

As I got older, I struggled with the questions of what is my purpose and why are we here? This deeper questioning started after my recovery from cancer in 2004 and continued for the next 10 years. Then in the Spring of 2014, I spent a month in spiritual retreat at an ashram.  On the last day, all of the reading and teachings came together. I realized my purpose in life is to reveal and know my true self – the “immortal diamond” as Richard Rohr says. Said another way, my purpose is to unveil and reveal my inner truth, to live an authentic life based on love over fear, and to do my “work” in life as a man of compassion and integrity. There is a healthy ego that defines my boundaries, but I realize I don’t have to satisfy my ego and desires to feel fulfilled. For this, I’ve come away with peace of mind and a growing acceptance of what is. Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”.

In 2015, I added a page on the Big C for Cancer. This was the beginning of my inward journey that has taken me from a country club life on the golf course to being chased by an elephant while walking in the bush to a month of introspection. Cancer was my motivation to find authenticity and purpose. As strange as it sounds, it was a blessing. Now, I maintain a balance of health, work, and free time to experience life.

I did not do this alone and I am grateful for those I have met along the path. We all met for a reason to experience this life so our inner light would shine.